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October 2011 Archives

USPS needs to trim workers' comp, says inspector general

The United States Postal Service has made headlines by trying to cut costs in various postal branches and trying to stay afloat. A recent audit by the USPS inspector general has found that they could save, conservatively, $335 million by cutting out waste and using money-saving techniques used by private companies.

Preventative workplace illness and injury programs

When a worker at a small company is out on disability, it not only affects the family, but it also affects the small business. Employee injury and illness is something that can be prevented, in part, by workplace injury and illness prevention programs. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost, which can be as little as nothing.

OSHA cites Kraft for a dozen safety violations

After an inspection by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Kraft Foods Inc. was cited for 13 safety violations at its Oscar Mayer facility. Twelve violations are categorized as "serious" and one as "other." Proposed fines range from $5,500 to $7,000 for each serious violation and total $69,500.

Workers' compensation drug statistic questioned

There is a statistic going around stating that 38 to 50 percent off all workers' compensation claims involve drugs or alcohol. According to NCCI Holdings Inc., a workers' compensation research and rating organization often cited for this statistic, it is not true.

Court rules for heart attack victim's widow in workers' comp case

In a ruling issued last month, the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld the law entitling heart attack victims to workers' compensation. Rejecting the city of Tucson's argument that normal activity and stress could not lead to work-related heart attacks, Judge Philip Espinosa wrote in the three-judge panel's unanimous decision that a heart attack victim can be entitled to workers' compensation if "some injury, stress or exertion related to the employment was a substantial contributing case."

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