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Suspected marijuana use enough to deny workers' comp

When an injury or illness is due to a worker's employment, the employee may be entitled to compensation. During the hearing to determine eligibility for workers' compensation, a judge will listen carefully to your case and review the facts leading up to the incident. Many factors can play into a successful claim, even some which may not seem related to your actual employment. Arizona workers who have been affected by an on-the-job injury or illness may be interested in the following case.

Workers' comp study shows difference between fee schedules

Workers Compensation Research Institute, a not-for-profit research organization, released a new study called the Hospital Outpatient Cost Index for Workers' Compensation. They studied data across 17 states in order to provide policymakers and others affected by workers' compensation with a tool to better understand hospital costs. The 17 states included in the study represent 60 percent of all workers' compensation paid in the United States. And while Arizona was not included in this specific study, the details of the findings will still interest workers here in the state.

Workers exposed to mercury receive government payment

Workplace accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere and at anytime. Some instances are due to faulty equipment, lacking the necessary upkeep by employers. Others are due to repetitive actions made by the worker during their course of employment causing temporary or permanent injuries. Arizona residents may be interested in reading about just some of the dangers that workers were exposed to during the advent of nuclear energy use.

Should athletes receive workers' compensation?

In light of some recent lawsuits involving the NFL, multiple issues have come to the public's attention. Among them are the correlation between concussions and dementia, the high risk to athletes of all ages and the status of athletes as employees entitled to workers' compensation.

Workplace safety saves money and morale

For most businesses, money is the bottom line. Many business owners may see safety programs as a chore required by law, but upon further inspection, safety programs could save businesses money and enhance workplace culture. Enlisting the aid of a safety expert can help save companies money in lost labor and other costs as well as avoid fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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