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February 2012 Archives

Workers' comp: Tie-change falls under going and coming rule

Worker's compensation is provided for employees who are injured during the course of their job duties. However, there are some circumstances that do not fall under the protective umbrella of workers' comp. For example, if a worker leaves the office and the departure was not a special errand requested by the employer, the absence is not covered under Arizona's workers' compensation.

Appeals court allows social media photos as evidence

Social media has quickly become a mainstay in many of our lives. We are often quick to post status updates to inform friends and loved ones of our new favorite book or upcoming vacation plans. We also enjoy sharing photos of events that occur in our lives. However, for one man, the pictures he posted to various social media sites proved to be detrimental to his workers' compensation case, and may be something for Phoenix residents to take note of.

Families sue after two teens each lose a leg at work

Workplace injuries can happen at any time and at any age. Even young teenage workers can be affected by the dangers of on-the-job injuries. A recent story about two teens injured while they were at work may be of interest for Maricopa County residents.

New study: Occupational illness and injury cost billions

According to a new study from a UC Davis researcher, occupational illness and injury could be costing the U.S. $250 billion each year. That estimation is based on data collected in 2007, adjusted for inflation. If accurate, work-related injury and illness costs are $31 billion higher than direct and indirect costs for the care of all cancers and $76 billion higher than diabetes.

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