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Is an unsafe workplace justified by workers' compensation?

Teachers face shockingly dangerous employment conditions every day at work. The unpredictable nature of Arizona's special-education classrooms can cause even more uncertainty among educators, who may be concerned about their own personal welfare. One teacher was even told that a safe work environment would not be provided because workers' compensation was available to help her with any injury.

New federal proposal could lead to work injury at slaughterhouses

A group of 68 members of Congress has submitted a letter to the leader of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, protesting a new proposal that could compromise worker safety in animal slaughter facilities. The letter addressed new mandates that would alter the way in which poultry animals are processed throughout Arizona and the rest of the nation. Representatives say that work injury could become a significant issue, as the proposal would allow plants to speed up their processing lines by 25 percent.

Rubber manufacturer cited for serious crushing work injury

Arizona manufacturing workers face a significant amount of risk on their job sites every day. It is the job of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to punish employers who fail to maintain safe workplaces, and it is the job of Arizona attorneys to make sure that their clients get an appropriate amount of workers' compensation. One employee in neighboring Texas may need the help of an attorney after suffering debilitating injuries at the Custom Rubber Products plant in Houston.

Court: Foreign company not exempt from workers' compensation laws

A Mexican firm doing business in Arizona has been rebuffed by American courts after attempting to deny its workers access to fair compensation for on-the-job injuries. The company, which operates on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, will be required to provide workers' compensation to its Mexican national employees. Porteadores del Noroeste S.A. de C.V. had attempted to argue that the North American Free Trade Agreement exempted the company from providing workers' compensation protection for its U.S.-based employees.

Arizona families seek firefighter work injury compensation

We have been closely covering the workers' compensation efforts that have been pursued by relatives of the firefighters who died in the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona during the summer. Even as the Arizona Division of Forestry is challenging workplace-safety violations that were handed down in connection with the incident, relatives of the victims are pursuing civil action that could lead to further payouts. So far, the Division of Forestry is facing $559,000 in safety fines from the Industrial Commission of Arizona, which alleges that the organization committed a series of willful workplace safety violations.

Keeping an eye on Arizona workplace safety

It is a widely-known fact that more older people are staying in the Arizona workforce. Many have found that they don't have the money they need to retire. Therefore, a growing number of workers are older than age 55. In fact, one out of every five American workers is older than 55, and that number is only expected to continue to grow; by 2016, a full one in three workers will fall into that category. With these changes, however, companies must continue to assess their prevention plans against workplace illness and workplace injuries, because older workers have different needs than the younger population.

Manufacturer cited for amputation hazards

A company that manufactures hardware for garage doors has been cited for a slew of safety violations in the wake of a recent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection. The firm, Napoleon Spring Works, has plants in Phoenix, Arizona, and a variety of other locations throughout the nation. The inspection in question occurred at the company's Ohio plant, where employees were exposed to a variety of workplace hazards that could have resulted in amputation. Official reports show that the company should have known to be more vigilant. It is widely known throughout the manufacturing industry that amputation hazards are among the leading causes of manufacturing injury.

The dangers of the new economy

Would you believe that working as an Internet content moderator would put you at high-risk for workplace ailments such as psychiatric illnesses? With the new economy changing to an ever-increasing tech focus, our concept of dangerous jobs must shift to accommodate non-traditional hazards. Although we still must consider miners, tower workers and nurses among the most vulnerable to workplace illness, expanding our ideas about hazardous jobs will be necessary in the coming decades.

Neighbors not concerned about safety after plant fire

Scores of American workers in Arizona and other states suffer workplace injuries in fires or explosions. These accidents are particularly likely to happen in manufacturing facilities that use hazardous chemicals, including those that produce fertilizer and other industrial goods. Even though many of these facilities do not respond well to the burn emergencies, neighbors of an industrial plant in Texas say they are surprised at the professionalism and expertise with which that plant has responded to recent explosions. Still, workers have been injured in those blasts, creating some level of safety concerns for the employees at the plant.

Pizza firm under fire for injuries

Peek into any American freezer, and you are almost certain to find a frozen pizza or similar product. The human price that Arizona and other residents pay for these products may be higher than you think, however, as an occupational safety investigation reveals. A Milwaukee firm is under fire for alleged workplace injury violations after a worker suffered the amputation of three fingers during an accident.

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